Upon invocation, this endpoint returns a detailed list of credit note objects. Each object includes an array of critical fields such as the credit note ID, issue date, financial year, total amount, notes, and an array of individual credit note items. Each item within this array holds additional vital fields like the credit note item ID, invoice ERP code, student ERP code, family ERP code, accounting rule start date, number of months for the revenue recognition, amount excluding VAT, VAT amount, debit ERP account, credit ERP account, and the description.

This endpoint aids the ERP Integration team in obtaining a comprehensive view of each credit note and its related items, enabling them to efficiently generate corresponding credit notes in the ERP system. The information returned by this endpoint ensures synchronization between the two systems, resulting in improved financial operations and data accuracy.

Rate Limit: LIGHT

Permission needed: Financial Reports (#400)

Reference Code: srv_545

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