Edunation APIs are classified into either production or beta APIs. A production API is one that has been made generally available for public use and is stable. A beta API is one that is still in development or is for internal or limited use and whose stability cannot be guaranteed. Beta APIs may be removed or modified at any time without advance notice. The following policies apply to production APIs only.

Deprecation Policy

The current version of production level APIs is v1. When a new version of APIs is made generally available (not beta), the older version will be deprecated and will cease to function after six months. Once an API is removed, any request to it will result in a 404 error.

Breaking Change Policy

Changes that do not break an API, such as adding a new attribute can be made at any time. Changes that break a production level API such as removing attributes or making major changes to the API’s behavior will only be done with an advance notice of 30 days. However, there may be rare occasions where due to legal, performance, or security reasons, we are forced to make breaking changes without advance notice.


Legal notices

Your use and access to the API is expressly conditioned on your compliance with the policies, restrictions, and other provisions related to the API. You must also comply with the restrictions set forth in the Edunation Terms & Conditions and the Edunation Privacy Policy, in all uses of the API. If Edunation believes that you have or attempted to violate any term, condition, or the spirit of these policies or agreements, your right to access and use the API may be temporarily or permanently revoked.